Suntory PepsiCo Thailand and PepsiCo Thailand Complete “Munz Mai Ting”

February 07, 2024

Bangkok, 8 February 2024 - Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd., led by Ms. Wipawan Tasanapreechachai (5th from the left), Head of Corporate Affairs, and PepsiCo Services Asia Co., Ltd. (PepsiCo Thailand) by Ms. Busba Wongnapapisan (3rd from the left), Corporate Affairs Director-APAC, successfully completed      the "Munz Mai Ting" (Enjoy and Reduce Waste) waste management campaign at the 13th "Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival." The funds generated from selling recyclable wastes, including PET bottles and aluminum cans, were utilized to procure essential equipment such as hammock with mosquito nets, flysheets, field gas stoves, and gas cans. These items, worth over 69,000 baht, were donated to Khao Yai National Park., receiving by Mr. Chaiya Huaihongthong (4th from left), the Khao Yai National Park Chief. This initiative supports the national park officials' efforts in preserving natural resources of the area.

Moreover, 50 PET bottles collection bins from the 13th “Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival” have been delivered to the Khao Yai Tourism Association. The bins were received by Ms. Panchana Vatanasathien (2nd from the left), President of the said Association. Those bins will be distributed to local entities such as schools, temples, and restaurants. This effort aims to promote segregation of PET bottle for recycling.

The waste segregation under "Munz Mai Ting" campaign at the 13th "Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival" during 9 - 10 December 2023, successfully sorted 5,035 kilograms for recycling or proper utilizing. This included 1,795 kilograms of used PET bottles, 1,075 kilograms of aluminum cans, 705 kilograms of food waste, and 1,460 kilograms of general waste.


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