Prepare the program with government advisors

Work with our partner, Klongwises, and honorable advisors (Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Department of Water Resources under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; and Office of the Basic Education Commission under Ministry of Education) in planing the program.


Roadshow to Provincial Office of the Basic Education Commission in the 5 target provinces to promote Mizuiku: Water Education Program.

Train the Water Ambassadors

A half-day online workshop for students in each target province. There are many fun activities to educate students about the importance of water resources, such as test water quality by scientific tools, and Games. After attending the workshop, schools will send a proposal on water preservation project in school or community. Ten students and 2 teachers from 30 schools with the most outstanding proposals will be invited to join the Water Youth Camp.

Water project proposal submission

All particiated schools are encorage to submit water project proposal that they think it could help preserving water.

Water project proposal winner annoucement

The Program Comittee review water project proposals and choose 30 proposals that are most outstanding.

Water Youth Camp

A half-day online water youth camp aims to provide an advice for students and teachers on how to improve their project proposals and to enhance students’ understanding of water preservation through online activities. The schools will receive funding to implement the projects they proposed.

School Play

After the Water Youth Camp, students are encouraged to send a short video clip on the importance of water preservation to compete with other schools.

Prizes for the top 5 popular vote:
The 1st prize - Scholarhip 10,000 Baht
The 2nd prrze - Scholarship 8,000 Baht
The 3rd prize - Scholarship 5,000 Baht
The 4th prize - Scholarship 4,000 Baht
The 5th prize - Scholarship 3,000 Baht

Water project implementation

The Water Ambassadors implement their water projects in schools or communties to preserve water.

Water School Model or The Blue School

The Program Committee choose one school in each five target provinces based on the best project implementation and outcomes. The schools will be rewarded as “Water School Model” or “The Blue School” and the students who implement the project will receive scholarship.

The 5 Water School Models Scholarship 30,000 Baht Scholarship/ Trophy/ Sign Board
The 2nd prize - 20,000 Baht Scholarship/ Plaque/ Sign Board
The 3rd prize - 15,000 Baht Scholarship/ Plaque/ Sign Board
The 4th prize - 10,000 Baht Scholarship, Plaque, Sign Board
Certificate for the Water Ambassadors.

Drawing exibition & Award Ceremony

Exhibition to display students’ winning drawings to raise public awareness on the importance of water resource.

The reward ceremony is to reward students who have the outstanding water projects in their schools or communities.

Drawing Contest


The drawing contest aims to encourage students to think about ways to preserve water resources and express problems related to water that they see through “art.” The contest is divided into 3 levels:

  • Patom 3-4

  • Patom 5-6

  • Matayom 1-3

Students in the target provinces are invited to participate in the drawing contest by drawing under the theme “MY DEAR WATER.” 30 best drawings of each level will be shown in the “MY DEAR WATER” Exibition. The best 3 drawings will receive the following rewards.

the top 3 drawing of each levels get the get the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize Trophy and Scholarship 10,000 Baht

  • 2nd Prize Plaque and Scholarship 8,000 Baht

  • 3rd Prize Plaque and Scholarship 5,000 Baht

Addtional prize for other drawings: 10 Honorable prizes - Scholarship 1,000 Baht and Certificate

  • Scholarship 1,000 Baht

  • Certificate


Schools in five provinces that are close to or near the rivers or natural water resources.

Provinces Natural Water Resources
Saraburi Pasak River
Chaophaya River
Nakorn Pathom Ta Jeen River


Primary Group: Students in Patom3-6 and Matayom 1-3 in 300 schools near river or natural water resource in the 5 provinces.

Provinces Numbers of School





Nakorn Pathom

47 schools

84 schools

58 schools

42 schools

66 schools

Other schools in the 5 provinces that are interested.