We are committed to preserving water since water is the core of our business and a valuable resource supporting people’s lives. Our business would not be possible without precious natural resources. We strive to protect our valuable reserves of clean and abundant water for generations to come. We water comprises all living things.

Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) has been supporting Thailand’s upstream waterway and forest in a sustainable manner including educate youth and teachers on water conservation by raising awareness on the importance of water resource and the environment. Our “Mizu To Ikiru” program consists of MIZUIKU: WATER EDUCATION and WATERSHED PRESERVATION. Since 2019, we have accomplished the following targets:


  • 75

    School participated

  • 4,328

    Students participated

  • 130

    Teachers participated

  • 75

    Water school projects


  • 120

    Rai Vetiver Grass Planting

  • 1,366

    Check Dams

  • 8

    Clean Water System

  • 200

    Rai Tree Planting

  • 60

    km. Natural Fire Breaks

Our employees are committed to “Mizu To Ikiru”. The spirit of social contribution is part of our DNA. Just like water, we would like to enrich lives by delivering products and services of value to customers and society that meet or exceed relevant safety standards and will continue to respond to the desired of our customers and earn their trust, while building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the people, communities, and societies. We are aiming to grow for good company in harmony with people and nature.